The Amorous Attorney

Now I’m Enamoured!

If you completely enjoyed The Unexpected Heiress, as I did, and read it in one or two days, as I did, then you’ll really enjoy The Amorous Attorney. Maybe it was just my schedule, but I was able to take my time a bit and savor all of the twists and turns. Just as with the previous, there is plenty of unexpected surprises, but this time, we get to explore them more. Never once did I say, “I saw that coming,” and never once was I disappointed. Giggles and chills will be had, as well as a Cheshire cat grin. It’s hard to not love the guys and gals in this book. I highly recommend it!

David P. Tangredi, Author

The Unexpected Heiress

An (un)expected delight!

Heiress is a brisk page-turner that is pure delight. Be sure to keep hold of your hat, because the story zigs and zags like a drive down Lombard Street, SF. You’ll snicker, cheer, and laugh out loud all the while. The characters quickly become family…and stay with you well after the last page. Let’s hope that Nick’s next tale is soon in the offing because you’ll certainly be left longing as I am.

David P. Tangredi, Author

A window in time

A window in time. I was instantly transported to an earlier time in history that I know very little about. I don’t normally find myself gravitating to mysteries nor detective type story lines, but this one just grabbed me from the minute I heard about it.

Paula Estelle Jackson, Author

Can’t wait!

Can’t wait for the next book! Great series and movie/tv possibilities!

–Joan Geller, Creator of The Geller Method