The Nick Williams Mystery series is a set of novels set in San Francisco starting in 1953.

Nick Williams, heir to a vast fortune, lives with his lover, Carter Jones, in the Eureka Valley neighborhood of San Francisco at 137 Hartford Street in an unassuming bungalow. Little do the neighborhood ladies, who do their daily marketing on Castro Street, know that just down the street their neighbor is the richest homosexual since possibly Alexander the Great.

His no-nonsense secretary Marnie Wilson keeps things together at the office in the Tenderloin at 777 Bush Street. To her frustration, Nick is always turning away clients. He doesn’t really need the money, after all.


In The Unexpected Heiress (Sample | Buy Here), Nick is called in to see his lawyer and friend, Jeffrey Klein, whose mystery client, under contract to Metro, was just arrested at the Kit Kat Club on Polk Street but somehow got off with a bench warrant. Jeffrey wants to know who in the police department worked things behind the scene for the star of the upcoming blockbuster It Was Raining Then.

Meanwhile a late night phone call from his estranged father sends Nick into a tailspin and a family secret, along with a lot of other things better kept hush-hush, are all splashed on the front pages of the daily newspapers. It ain’t pretty.

In the end, for Nick and Carter, it’s actually the beginning of a whole new way of doing business.


In The Amorous Attorney (Sample | Buy Here), Jeffrey’s love affair is heating up and Nick has to chase him down because, frankly, he needs a lawyer to set up his new business. Oh, and Eddie Mannix at Metro is on the warpath and being a general pain in Nick’s ass. After finding Jeffrey shacked up in a compromising position, Nick has to deal with his own personal mess when it comes to saying goodbye to an old flame.

In the end, Nick and Carter are flying south of the border, down Mexico way. When they get there, they find a corrupt politician, a flirtatious police captain, and a woman terrified of an uncertain future and what it holds for her.


In The Sartorial Senator (Sample | Buy Here), Nick and Carter just want to go home to San Francisco after their adventures in Mexico. But, before they can sail into the Golden Gate, Nick receives a subpoena from America’s most infamous witch hunter in Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, an old schoolmate from Carter’s childhood shows up out of nowhere and revives painful memories. Once they get to the nation’s capitol, they are plunged into helping yet another flirtatious police detective solve a curious murder that leads to some very dark places.

In the end, Nick and Carter set a trap to catch the killer and get much more than they bargained for.